TLC is an independent, non-profit organization licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.  The operating expenses of the Diyeso~Lewis House of TLC Foundation, Inc. is funded by the Town of Manchester.

TLC Director
Liama B. Holmes, LCSW

TLC Houseparent
Vacant currently

TLC Nurse
Margaret Minguy, RN

TLC Contact Information
PO Box 2334
Manchester, CT 06045-2334


TLC is a transitional living center which offers a structured family-like environment to Manchester school children who are victims of abuse, neglect or family disruption beyond their control who can still succeed in school, work and community.

TLC offers the chance for elementary- high school aged boys and girls to continue in Manchester Schools and live in a family-like environment.  At TLC, children learn skills needed to become competent and contributing citizens.  TLC provides structure and support in an atmosphere of care and concern necessary for each individual’s successful development.   Resident House parents and aides offer 24-hour supervision with a structured code of behavior which encourages the acceptance of responsibility.

TLC partners with other organization to provide;

  • Public and/or private counseling
  • Services of the public school system
  • Recreation and sports programs
  • Employment in the public or private sector
  • Access to all religious affiliations
  • TLC staff works directly with the therapeutic agency/ individual responsible for case treatment.


  • Encourage the development of healthy self-esteem and decision making skills.
  • Re-establish healthy family interactions.
  • Monitor school achievement and attendance.
  • Teach social accepted behaviors and effective communication skills.
  • Increase knowledge of daily living.
  • Insure proper health care.

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